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{{{1}}} {{{2}}}s

[edit] [[[:Vorlage:Purge]]] Template documentation

This template allows easy formatting of statements of the form "# thing(s)", with correct use of plurals. It uses the "plural" magic word, so ideally it should work with minimal modification for other language.


  • {{plural|number|name}}
  • {{plural|number|singular name|plural name}}


For most English nouns, the plural is formed by adding "s" to the end of the singular form. If that is the case, only one "name" parameter is required:

  • {{plural|0|page}} returns "0 pages"
  • {{plural|1|page}} returns "1 page"
  • {{plural|2|page}} returns "2 pages"

For plurals that require adding "es", or more unusual forms, the singular and plural forms must be specified explicitly:

  • {{plural|0|ox|oxen}} returns "0 oxen"
  • {{plural|1|ox|oxen}} returns "1 ox"
  • {{plural|2|ox|oxen}} returns "2 oxen"


  • While {{plural|#|sheep|sheep}} is valid, it is also fairly pointless.