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Kommentar Stefan Sabutsch (AT)

Was bedeutet eigentlich "Non-licensed Personnel" und "Non-licensed Organizations" im ISO/NWIP/TR Health Informatics – Guidance for maintenance of Object Identifiers OID ?

--Stefan Sabutsch (AT)

Comments from ISO member (CA) 20100929

"An authority should not assign an OID for concepts or objects being used not solely within its organization", "International OID should be assigned by a central international OID-Registry", "Generally, the organization responsible for the OID should register the OID"

All of these rules are problematic. HL7 needs to assign OIDs for all sorts of things and doesn't have the bandwidth to wait for the relevant authorities to learn about OIDs and do it themselves. For example, passport numbers for all countries, drivers licenses for all countries, etc. No way we could deal with all those organizations and get them up-to-speed. In Canada, we can't even wait to get our local medical colleges, governing bodies and government agencies up-to-speed. It *must* be possible and recognized as legitimate to register a concept that isn't owned by the organization submitting the registration and without any permission from the owning organization.

--ISO Member (CA)

"those persons mentioned in the application may change existing OID information"

this is also a problem. People die. They change positions. Government departments get re-organized. And as already mentioned, sometimes the responsible organization isn't the one that does the registration. --ISO Member (CA)

"However, should the registered OID become generally valid, they must be reported to the national and / or International Registration Authority".

Not sure what this means. Does that mean if HL7 registers an OID for "Nambian drivers license number" we need to send that to some sort of national Nambian OID registry? I suppose that's possible if there's a clear set of rules for exactly what types of OIDs need to be registered, there's a central directory of the national registries, and it's a simple notification process where there's no responsibility other than "I registered this, have a nice day", that could work. Not sure I see the value though. Without those pre-requisites, this wouldn't be workable."

--ISO Member (CA)

Comments from Ted Klein 20101020

Note that this is the approved project ISO 13582 which is a Technical Specification. Just to focus the mind: the draft for ballot is due January 2011.

--Ted 15:19, 20. Okt. 2010 (UTC)