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Kodesystem AcknowledgementDetailType


A code identifying the specific message to be provided. Discussion: A textual value may be specified as the print name, or for non-coded messages, as the original text. Examples: 'Required attribute xxx is missing', 'System will be unavailable March 19 from 0100 to 0300'

Aktuelle Version

Codesystem Name Codesystem Id Version / Eingangsdatum Status
AcknowledgementDetailType 2.16.840.1.113883.5.1082 2012-07-24 definitiv
Level/Typ Code Anzeigename Beschreibung
0-L E EN-US.png Error

Definition:An issue which has prevented, or will prevent (unless a management is provided for the issue by the sender), the successful processing of an interaction. Response interactions which include an issue which is an Error are a 'rejection', indicating that the request was not successfully processed. Example:Unable to find specified patient.

0-L W EN-US.png Warning

Definition: The message relates to an issue which cannot prevent the successful processing of a request, but which could result in the processing not having the ideal or intended effect. Managing a warning issue is not required for successful processing, but will suppress the warning from being raised. Example: Unexpected additional repetitions of phone number have been ignored.

0-L I EN-US.png Information

Definition: The message relates to an issue which has no bearing on the successful processing of the request. Information issues cannot be overridden by specifying a management. Example: A Patient's coverage will expire in 5 days.

Verwendung in Value Sets

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