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Kodesystem ResponseLevel


Specifies whether a response is expected from the addressee of this interaction and what level of detail that response should include

Aktuelle Version

Codesystem Name Codesystem Id Version / Eingangsdatum Status
ResponseLevel 2.16.840.1.113883.5.108 2012-07-24 definitiv
Level/Typ Code Anzeigename Beschreibung
0-L E EN-US.png exception

Respond with exceptions only

0-L C EN-US.png completion

Respond with exceptions and a notification of completion

0-L R EN-US.png modification

Respond with exceptions, completions and modifications or revisions done before completion

0-L D EN-US.png detail

Respond with exceptions, completion, modifications and include more detail information (if applicable)

0-L F EN-US.png confirmation

Respond with exceptions, completion, and modification with detail (as above), and send positive confirmations even if no modifications are being made.

0-L N EN-US.png message-control

Respond only with message level acknowledgements, i.e., only notify acceptance or rejection of the message, do not include any application-level detail

0-L X EN-US.png none

Do not send any kind of response

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