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Kodesystem RoleStatus


Codes representing the defined possible states of an Role, as defined by the Role class state machine.

Aktuelle Version

Codesystem Name Codesystem Id Version / Eingangsdatum Status
RoleStatus 2.16.840.1.113883.5.1068 2012-07-24 definitiv
Level/Typ Code Anzeigename Beschreibung
0-S normal EN-US.png normal

The 'typical' state. Excludes "nullified" which represents the termination state of a Role instance that was created in error.

1-L active EN-US.png active

The state representing the fact that the Entity is currently active in the Role.

1-L cancelled EN-US.png cancelled

The terminal state resulting from cancellation of the role prior to activation.

1-L pending EN-US.png pending

The state representing that fact that the role has not yet become active.

1-L suspended EN-US.png suspended

The state that represents a suspension of the Entity playing the Role. This state is arrived at from the "active" state.

1-L terminated EN-US.png terminated

The state representing the successful termination of the Role.

0-L nullified EN-US.png nullified

The state representing the termination of a Role instance that was created in error.

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