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Codesystem Name Codesystem Id Version / Eingangsdatum Status
ActSite 2.16.840.1.113883.5.1052 2012-07-24 definitiv
Level/Typ Code Anzeigename Beschreibung
0-A _HumanActSite EN-US.png HumanActSite

An anatomical location on a human which can be the focus of an act.

1-A _HumanSubstanceAdministrationSite EN-US.png HumanSubstanceAdministrationSite

The set of body locations to or through which a drug product may be administered.

2-L BE EN-US.png bilateral ears

2-L BN EN-US.png bilateral nares

2-L BU EN-US.png buttock

2-L LA EN-US.png left arm

2-L LAC EN-US.png left anterior chest

2-L LACF EN-US.png left antecubital fossa

2-L LD EN-US.png left deltoid

2-L LE EN-US.png left ear

2-L LEJ EN-US.png left external jugular

2-L LF EN-US.png left foot

2-L LG EN-US.png left gluteus medius

2-L LH EN-US.png left hand

2-L LIJ EN-US.png left internal jugular

2-L LLAQ EN-US.png left lower abd quadrant

2-L LLFA EN-US.png left lower forearm

2-L LMFA EN-US.png left mid forearm

2-L LN EN-US.png left naris

2-L LPC EN-US.png left posterior chest

2-L LSC EN-US.png left subclavian

2-L LT EN-US.png left thigh

2-L LUA EN-US.png left upper arm

2-L LUAQ EN-US.png left upper abd quadrant

2-L LUFA EN-US.png left upper forearm

2-L LVG EN-US.png left ventragluteal

2-L LVL EN-US.png left vastus lateralis

2-L OD EN-US.png right eye

2-L OS EN-US.png left eye

2-L OU EN-US.png bilateral eyes

2-L PA EN-US.png perianal

2-L PERIN EN-US.png perineal

2-L RA EN-US.png right arm

2-L RAC EN-US.png right anterior chest

2-L RACF EN-US.png right antecubital fossa

2-L RD EN-US.png right deltoid

2-L RE EN-US.png right ear

2-L REJ EN-US.png right external jugular

2-L RF EN-US.png right foot

2-L RG EN-US.png right gluteus medius

2-L RH EN-US.png right hand

2-L RIJ EN-US.png right internal jugular

2-L RLAQ EN-US.png right lower abd quadrant

2-L RLFA EN-US.png right lower forearm

2-L RMFA EN-US.png right mid forearm

2-L RN EN-US.png right naris

2-L RPC EN-US.png right posterior chest

2-L RSC EN-US.png right subclavian

2-L RT EN-US.png right thigh

2-L RUA EN-US.png right upper arm

2-L RUAQ EN-US.png right upper abd quadrant

2-L RUFA EN-US.png right upper forearm

2-L RVG EN-US.png right ventragluteal

2-L RVL EN-US.png right vastus lateralis