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Codesystem Name Codesystem Id Version / Eingangsdatum Status
TelecommunicationAddressUse 2.16.840.1.113883.5.1011 2012-07-24 definitiv
Level/Typ Code Anzeigename Beschreibung
0-L AS EN-US.png answering service

An automated answering machine used for less urgent cases and if the main purpose of contact is to leave a message or access an automated announcement.

0-L EC EN-US.png emergency contact

A contact specifically designated to be used for emergencies. This is the first choice in emergencies, independent of any other use codes.

0-L PG EN-US.png pager

A paging device suitable to solicit a callback or to leave a very short message.

0-L MC EN-US.png mobile contact

A telecommunication device that moves and stays with its owner. May have characteristics of all other use codes, suitable for urgent matters, not the first choice for routine business.