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Kodesystem ObservationMethod


A code that provides additional detail about the means or technique used to ascertain the observation. Examples: Blood pressure measurement method: arterial puncture vs. sphygmomanometer (Riva-Rocci), sitting vs. supine position, etc. OpenIssue: Description copied from Concept Domain of same name. Must be verified. Note that the Domain has a full discussion about use of the attribute and constraining that is not appropriate for the code system description. Needs to be improved.

Aktuelle Version

Codesystem Name Codesystem Id Version / Eingangsdatum Status
ObservationMethod 2.16.840.1.113883.5.84 2012-07-24 definitiv
Level/Typ Code Anzeigename Beschreibung
0-L 0001 EN-US.png Complement fixation

Complement fixation

0-L 0002 EN-US.png Computed axial tomography

Computed axial tomography

0-L 0003 EN-US.png HLAR agar test

Susceptibility, High Level Aminoglycoside Resistance agar test

0-L 0004 EN-US.png Macroscopic observation

Visual, Macroscopic observation

0-L 0005 EN-US.png Magnetic resonance

Computed, Magnetic resonance

0-L 0006 EN-US.png Morphometry

Computed, Morphometry

0-L 0007 EN-US.png Positron emission tomography

Computed, Positron emission tomography

0-L 0008 EN-US.png SAMHSA confirmation

SAMHSA drug assay confirmation

0-L 0009 EN-US.png SAMHSA screening

SAMHSA drug assay screening

0-L 0010 EN-US.png Serum Neutralization

Serum Neutralization

0-L 0011 EN-US.png Titration


0-L 0012 EN-US.png Ultrasound


0-L 0013 EN-US.png X-ray crystallography

X-ray crystallography

0-L 0014 EN-US.png Agglutination


0-L 0015 EN-US.png Buffered acidified plate agglutination

Agglutination, Buffered acidified plate

0-L 0016 EN-US.png Card agglutination

Agglutination, Card

0-L 0017 EN-US.png Hemagglutination

Agglutination, Hemagglutination

0-L 0018 EN-US.png Hemagglutination inhibition

Agglutination, Hemagglutination inhibition

0-L 0019 EN-US.png Latex agglutination

Agglutination, Latex

0-L 0020 EN-US.png Plate agglutination

Agglutination, Plate

0-L 0021 EN-US.png Rapid agglutination

Agglutination, Rapid Plate

0-L 0022 EN-US.png RBC agglutination

Agglutination, RBC

0-L 0023 EN-US.png Rivanol agglutination

Agglutination, Rivanol

0-L 0024 EN-US.png Tube agglutination

Agglutination, Tube

0-L 0025 EN-US.png Bioassay


0-L 0026 EN-US.png Animal Inoculation

Bioassay, Animal Inoculation

0-L 0027 EN-US.png Cytotoxicity

Bioassay, Cytotoxicity

0-L 0028 EN-US.png Embryo infective dose 50

Bioassay, Embryo Infective Dose 50

0-L 0029 EN-US.png Embryo lethal dose 50

Bioassay, Embryo Lethal Dose 50

0-L 0030 EN-US.png Mouse intercerebral inoculation

Bioassay, Mouse intercerebral inoculation

0-L 0031 EN-US.png Bioassay, qualitative

Bioassay, qualitative

0-L 0032 EN-US.png Bioassay, quantitative

Bioassay, quantitative

0-L 0033 EN-US.png Chemical method


0-L 0034 EN-US.png Differential light absorption chemical test

Chemical, Differential light absorption

0-L 0035 EN-US.png Dipstick

Chemical, Dipstick

0-L 0036 EN-US.png Dipstick colorimetric laboratory test

Chemical, Dipstick colorimetric laboratory test

0-L 0037 EN-US.png Test strip

Chemical, Test strip

0-L 0038 EN-US.png Chromatography


0-L 0039 EN-US.png Affinity chromatography

Chromatography, Affinity

0-L 0040 EN-US.png Gas liquid chromatography

Chromatography, Gas liquid

0-L 0041 EN-US.png High performance liquid chromatography

Chromatography, High performance liquid

0-L 0042 EN-US.png Liquid Chromatography

Chromatography, Liquid

0-L 0043 EN-US.png Protein A affinity chromatography

Chromatography, Protein A affinity

0-L 0044 EN-US.png Coagulation


0-L 0045 EN-US.png Tilt tube coagulation time

Coagulation, Tilt tube

0-L 0046 EN-US.png Tilt tube reptilase induced coagulation

Coagulation, Tilt tube reptilase induced

0-L 0047 EN-US.png Automated count

Count, Automated

0-L 0048 EN-US.png Manual cell count

Count, Manual

0-L 0049 EN-US.png Platelet count, Rees-Ecker

Count, Platelet, Rees-Ecker

0-L 0050 EN-US.png Aerobic Culture

Culture, Aerobic

0-L 0051 EN-US.png Anaerobic Culture

Culture, Anaerobic

0-L 0052 EN-US.png Chicken embryo culture

Culture, Chicken Embryo

0-L 0053 EN-US.png Delayed secondary enrichment

Culture, Delayed secondary enrichment

0-L 0054 EN-US.png Microaerophilic Culture

Culture, Microaerophilic

0-L 0055 EN-US.png Quantitative microbial culture, cup

Culture, Quantitative microbial, cup

0-L 0056 EN-US.png Quantitative microbial culture, droplet

Culture, Quantitative microbial, droplet

0-L 0057 EN-US.png Quantitative microbial culture, filter paper

Culture, Quantitative microbial, filter paper

0-L 0058 EN-US.png Quantitative microbial culture, pad culture

Culture, Quantitative microbial, pad

0-L 0059 EN-US.png Quantitative microbial culture, pour plate

Culture, Quantitative microbial, pour plate

0-L 0060 EN-US.png Quantitative microbial culture, surface streak

Culture, Quantitative microbial, surface streak

0-L 0061 EN-US.png Somatic Cell culture

Culture, Somatic Cell

0-L 0062 EN-US.png Agar diffusion

Diffusion, Agar

0-L 0063 EN-US.png Agar Gel Immunodiffusion

Diffusion, Agar Gel Immunodiffusion

0-L 0064 EN-US.png Electrophoresis


0-L 0065 EN-US.png Agaorse gel electrophoresis

Electrophoresis, Agaorse gel

0-L 0066 EN-US.png Electrophoresis, citrate agar

Electrophoresis, citrate agar

0-L 0067 EN-US.png Immunoelectrophoresis

Electrophoresis, Immuno

0-L 0068 EN-US.png Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide gel

0-L 0069 EN-US.png Starch gel electrophoresis

Electrophoresis, Starch gel

0-L 0070 EN-US.png ELISA


0-L 0071 EN-US.png ELISA, antigen capture

ELISA, antigen capture

0-L 0072 EN-US.png ELISA, avidin biotin peroxidase complex

ELISA, avidin biotin peroxidase complex

0-L 0073 EN-US.png Kinetic ELISA

ELISA, Kinetic

0-L 0074 EN-US.png ELISA, peroxidase-antiperoxidase

ELISA, peroxidase-antiperoxidase

0-L 0075 EN-US.png API 20 Strep

Identification, API 20 Strep

0-L 0076 EN-US.png API 20A

Identification, API 20A

0-L 0077 EN-US.png API 20C AUX

Identification, API 20C AUX

0-L 0078 EN-US.png API 20E

Identification, API 20E

0-L 0079 EN-US.png API 20NE

Identification, API 20NE

0-L 0080 EN-US.png API 50 CH

Identification, API 50 CH

0-L 0081 EN-US.png API An-IDENT

Identification, API An-IDENT

0-L 0082 EN-US.png API Coryne

Identification, API Coryne

0-L 0083 EN-US.png API Rapid 20E

Identification, API Rapid 20E

0-L 0084 EN-US.png API Staph

Identification, API Staph

0-L 0085 EN-US.png API ZYM

Identification, API ZYM

0-L 0086 EN-US.png Bacterial identification

Identification, Bacterial

0-L 0087 EN-US.png mini VIDAS

Identification, mini VIDAS

0-L 0088 EN-US.png Phage susceptibility typing

Identification, Phage susceptibility typing

0-L 0089 EN-US.png Quad-FERM+

Identification, Quad-FERM+

0-L 0090 EN-US.png RAPIDEC Staph

Identification, RAPIDEC Staph

0-L 0091 EN-US.png Staphaurex

Identification, Staphaurex

0-L 0092 EN-US.png VIDAS

Identification, VIDAS

0-L 0093 EN-US.png Vitek

Identification, Vitek

0-L 0094 EN-US.png VITEK 2

Identification, VITEK 2

0-L 0095 EN-US.png Immune stain

Immune stain

0-L 0096 EN-US.png Immunofluorescent antibody, direct

Immune stain, Immunofluorescent antibody, direct

0-L 0097 EN-US.png Immunofluorescent antibody, indirect

Immune stain, Immunofluorescent antibody, indirect

0-L 0098 EN-US.png Immunoperoxidase, Avidin-Biotin Complex

Immune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Avidin-Biotin Complex

0-L 0099 EN-US.png Immunoperoxidase, Peroxidase anti-peroxidase complex

Immune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Peroxidase anti-peroxidase complex

0-L 0100 EN-US.png Immunoperoxidase, Protein A-peroxidase complex

Immune stain, Immunoperoxidase, Protein A-peroxidase complex

0-L 0101 EN-US.png Immunoassay


0-L 0102 EN-US.png Immunoassay, qualitative, multiple step

Immunoassay, qualitative, multiple step

0-L 0103 EN-US.png Immunoassay, qualitative, single step

Immunoassay, qualitative, single step

0-L 0104 EN-US.png Radioimmunoassay

Immunoassay, Radioimmunoassay

0-L 0105 EN-US.png Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, multiple step

Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, multiple step

0-L 0106 EN-US.png Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, single step

Immunoassay, semi-quantitative, single step

0-L 0107 EN-US.png Microscopy


0-L 0108 EN-US.png Darkfield microscopy

Microscopy, Darkfield

0-L 0109 EN-US.png Electron microscopy

Microscopy, Electron

0-L 0110 EN-US.png Electron microscopy tomography

Microscopy, Electron microscopy tomography

0-L 0111 EN-US.png Electron microscopy, negative stain

Microscopy, Electron, negative stain

0-L 0112 EN-US.png Electron microscopy, thick section

Microscopy, Electron, thick section transmission

0-L 0113 EN-US.png Electron microscopy, thin section

Microscopy, Electron, thin section transmission

0-L 0114 EN-US.png Microscopy, Light

Microscopy, Light

0-L 0115 EN-US.png Polarizing light microscopy

Microscopy, Polarized light

0-L 0116 EN-US.png Scanning electron microscopy

Microscopy, Scanning electron

0-L 0117 EN-US.png Transmission electron microscopy

Microscopy, Transmission electron

0-L 0118 EN-US.png Transparent tape direct examination

Microscopy, Transparent tape direct examination

0-L 0119 EN-US.png 3 Self-Sustaining Sequence Replication

Molecular, 3 Self-Sustaining Sequence Replication

0-L 0120 EN-US.png Branched Chain DNA

Molecular, Branched Chain DNA

0-L 0121 EN-US.png Hybridization Protection Assay

Molecular, Hybridization Protection Assay

0-L 0122 EN-US.png Immune blot

Molecular, Immune blot

0-L 0123 EN-US.png In-situ hybridization

Molecular, In-situ hybridization

0-L 0124 EN-US.png Ligase Chain Reaction

Molecular, Ligase Chain Reaction

0-L 0125 EN-US.png Ligation Activated Transcription

Molecular, Ligation Activated Transcription

0-L 0126 EN-US.png Nucleic Acid Probe

Molecular, Nucleic Acid Probe

0-L 0128 EN-US.png Nucleic acid probe with amplification

Molecular, Nucleic acid probe with amplification

0-L 0129 EN-US.png Nucleic acid probe with target amplification

Molecular, Nucleic acid probe with target amplification

0-L 0130 EN-US.png Nucleic acid reverse transcription

Molecular, Nucleic acid reverse transcription

0-L 0131 EN-US.png Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Analysis

Molecular, Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Analysis

0-L 0132 EN-US.png Polymerase chain reaction

Molecular, Polymerase chain reaction

0-L 0133 EN-US.png Q-Beta Replicase or probe amplification category method

Molecular, Q-Beta Replicase or probe amplification category method

0-L 0134 EN-US.png Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism

Molecular, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism

0-L 0135 EN-US.png Southern Blot

Molecular, Southern Blot

0-L 0136 EN-US.png Strand Displacement Amplification

Molecular, Strand Displacement Amplification

0-L 0137 EN-US.png Transcription Mediated Amplification

Molecular, Transcription Mediated Amplification

0-L 0138 EN-US.png Western Blot

Molecular, Western Blot

0-L 0139 EN-US.png Flocculation

Precipitation, Flocculation

0-L 0140 EN-US.png Immune precipitation

Precipitation, Immune precipitation

0-L 0141 EN-US.png Milk ring test

Precipitation, Milk ring test

0-L 0142 EN-US.png Precipitin

Precipitation, Precipitin

0-L 0143 EN-US.png Acid fast stain

Stain, Acid fast

0-L 0144 EN-US.png Acid fast stain, fluorochrome

Stain, Acid fast, fluorochrome

0-L 0145 EN-US.png Acid fast stain, Kinyoun's cold carbolfuchsin

Stain, Acid fast, Kinyoun's cold carbolfuchsin

0-L 0146 EN-US.png Acid fast stain, Ziehl-Neelsen

Stain, Acid fast, Ziehl-Neelsen

0-L 0147 EN-US.png Acid phosphatase stain

Stain, Acid phosphatase

0-L 0148 EN-US.png Acridine orange stain

Stain, Acridine orange

0-L 0149 EN-US.png Active brilliant orange KH stain

Stain, Active brilliant orange KH

0-L 0150 EN-US.png Alazarin red S stain

Stain, Alazarin red S

0-L 0151 EN-US.png Alcian blue stain

Stain, Alcian blue

0-L 0152 EN-US.png Alcian blue with Periodic acid Schiff stain

Stain, Alcian blue with Periodic acid Schiff

0-L 0153 EN-US.png Argentaffin stain

Stain, Argentaffin

0-L 0154 EN-US.png Argentaffin silver stain

Stain, Argentaffin silver

0-L 0155 EN-US.png Azure-eosin stain

Stain, Azure-eosin

0-L 0156 EN-US.png Basic Fuschin stain

Stain, Basic Fuschin

0-L 0157 EN-US.png Bennhold stain

Stain, Bennhold

0-L 0158 EN-US.png Bennhold's Congo red stain

Stain, Bennhold's Congo red

0-L 0159 EN-US.png Bielschowsky stain

Stain, Bielschowsky

0-L 0160 EN-US.png Bielschowsky's silver stain

Stain, Bielschowsky's silver

0-L 0161 EN-US.png Bleach stain

Stain, Bleach

0-L 0162 EN-US.png Bodian stain

Stain, Bodian

0-L 0163 EN-US.png Brown-Brenn stain

Stain, Brown-Brenn

0-L 0164 EN-US.png Butyrate-esterase stain

Stain, Butyrate-esterase

0-L 0165 EN-US.png Calcofluor white fluorescent stain

Stain, Calcofluor white fluorescent

0-L 0166 EN-US.png Carbol-fuchsin stain

Stain, Carbol-fuchsin

0-L 0167 EN-US.png Carmine stain

Stain, Carmine

0-L 0168 EN-US.png Churukian-Schenk stain

Stain, Churukian-Schenk

0-L 0169 EN-US.png Congo red stain

Stain, Congo red

0-L 0170 EN-US.png Cresyl echt violet stain

Stain, Cresyl echt violet

0-L 0171 EN-US.png Crystal violet stain

Stain, Crystal violet

0-L 0172 EN-US.png De Galantha stain

Stain, De Galantha

0-L 0173 EN-US.png Dieterle silver impregnation stain

Stain, Dieterle silver impregnation

0-L 0174 EN-US.png Fite-Farco stain

Stain, Fite-Farco

0-L 0175 EN-US.png Fontana-Masson silver stain

Stain, Fontana-Masson silver

0-L 0176 EN-US.png Fouchet stain

Stain, Fouchet

0-L 0177 EN-US.png Gomori stain

Stain, Gomori

0-L 0178 EN-US.png Gomori methenamine silver stain

Stain, Gomori methenamine silver

0-L 0179 EN-US.png Gomori-Wheatly trichrome stain

Stain, Gomori-Wheatly trichrome

0-L 0180 EN-US.png Gridley stain

Stain, Gridley

0-L 0181 EN-US.png Grimelius silver stain

Stain, Grimelius silver

0-L 0182 EN-US.png Grocott stain

Stain, Grocott

0-L 0183 EN-US.png Grocott methenamine silver stain

Stain, Grocott methenamine silver

0-L 0184 EN-US.png Hale's colloidal ferric oxide stain

Stain, Hale's colloidal ferric oxide

0-L 0185 EN-US.png Hale's colloidal iron stain

Stain, Hale's colloidal iron

0-L 0186 EN-US.png Hansel stain

Stain, Hansel

0-L 0187 EN-US.png Harris regressive hematoxylin and eosin stain

Stain, Harris regressive hematoxylin and eosin

0-L 0188 EN-US.png Hematoxylin and eosin stain

Stain, Hematoxylin and eosin

0-L 0189 EN-US.png Highman stain

Stain, Highman

0-L 0190 EN-US.png Holzer stain

Stain, Holzer

0-L 0191 EN-US.png Iron hematoxylin stain

Stain, Iron hematoxylin

0-L 0192 EN-US.png Jones stain

Stain, Jones

0-L 0193 EN-US.png Jones methenamine silver stain

Stain, Jones methenamine silver

0-L 0194 EN-US.png Kossa stain

Stain, Kossa

0-L 0195 EN-US.png Lawson-Van Gieson stain

Stain, Lawson-Van Gieson

0-L 0196 EN-US.png Loeffler methylene blue stain

Stain, Loeffler methylene blue

0-L 0197 EN-US.png Luxol fast blue with cresyl violet stain

Stain, Luxol fast blue with cresyl violet

0-L 0198 EN-US.png Luxol fast blue with Periodic acid-Schiff stain

Stain, Luxol fast blue with Periodic acid-Schiff

0-L 0199 EN-US.png MacNeal's tetrachrome blood stain

Stain, MacNeal's tetrachrome blood

0-L 0200 EN-US.png Mallory-Heidenhain stain

Stain, Mallory-Heidenhain

0-L 0201 EN-US.png Masson trichrome stain

Stain, Masson trichrome

0-L 0202 EN-US.png Mayer mucicarmine stain

Stain, Mayer mucicarmine

0-L 0203 EN-US.png Mayers progressive hematoxylin and eosin stain

Stain, Mayers progressive hematoxylin and eosin

0-L 0204 EN-US.png May-Grunwald Giemsa stain

Stain, May-Grunwald Giemsa

0-L 0205 EN-US.png Methyl green stain

Stain, Methyl green

0-L 0206 EN-US.png Methyl green pyronin stain

Stain, Methyl green pyronin

0-L 0207 EN-US.png Modified Gomori-Wheatly trichrome stain

Stain, Modified Gomori-Wheatly trichrome

0-L 0208 EN-US.png Modified Masson trichrome stain

Stain, Modified Masson trichrome

0-L 0209 EN-US.png Modified trichrome stain

Stain, Modified trichrome

0-L 0210 EN-US.png Movat pentachrome stain

Stain, Movat pentachrome

0-L 0211 EN-US.png Mucicarmine stain

Stain, Mucicarmine

0-L 0212 EN-US.png Neutral red stain

Stain, Neutral red

0-L 0213 EN-US.png Night blue stain

Stain, Night blue

0-L 0214 EN-US.png Non-specific esterase stain

Stain, Non-specific esterase

0-L 0215 EN-US.png Oil red-O stain

Stain, Oil red-O

0-L 0216 EN-US.png Orcein stain

Stain, Orcein

0-L 0217 EN-US.png Perls' stain

Stain, Perls'

0-L 0218 EN-US.png Phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin stain

Stain, Phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin

0-L 0219 EN-US.png Potassium ferrocyanide stain

Stain, Potassium ferrocyanide

0-L 0220 EN-US.png Prussian blue stain

Stain, Prussian blue

0-L 0221 EN-US.png Putchler modified Bennhold stain

Stain, Putchler modified Bennhold

0-L 0222 EN-US.png Quinacrine fluorescent stain

Stain, Quinacrine fluorescent

0-L 0223 EN-US.png Reticulin stain

Stain, Reticulin

0-L 0224 EN-US.png Rhodamine stain

Stain, Rhodamine

0-L 0225 EN-US.png Safranin stain

Stain, Safranin

0-L 0226 EN-US.png Schmorl stain

Stain, Schmorl

0-L 0227 EN-US.png Seiver-Munger stain

Stain, Seiver-Munger

0-L 0228 EN-US.png Silver stain

Stain, Silver

0-L 0229 EN-US.png Specific esterase stain

Stain, Specific esterase

0-L 0230 EN-US.png Steiner silver stain

Stain, Steiner silver

0-L 0231 EN-US.png Sudan III stain

Stain, Sudan III

0-L 0232 EN-US.png Sudan IVI stain

Stain, Sudan IVI

0-L 0233 EN-US.png Sulfated alcian blue stain

Stain, Sulfated alcian blue

0-L 0234 EN-US.png Supravital stain

Stain, Supravital

0-L 0235 EN-US.png Thioflavine-S stain

Stain, Thioflavine-S

0-L 0236 EN-US.png Three micron Giemsa stain

Stain, Three micron Giemsa

0-L 0237 EN-US.png Vassar-Culling stain

Stain, Vassar-Culling

0-L 0238 EN-US.png Vital Stain

Stain, Vital

0-L 0239 EN-US.png von Kossa stain

Stain, von Kossa

0-L 0243 EN-US.png Minimum bactericidal concentration test, macrodilution

Susceptibility, Minimum bactericidal concentration, macrodilution

0-L 0244 EN-US.png Minimum bactericidal concentration test, microdilution

Susceptibility, Minimum bactericidal concentration, microdilution

0-L 0247 EN-US.png Turbidometric


0-L 0248 EN-US.png Refractometric

Turbidometric, Refractometric

0-L 0249 EN-US.png Thin layer chromatography (TLC)

Chromatography, Thin Layer

0-L 0250 EN-US.png EMIT

Immunoassay, enzyme-multiplied technique (EMIT)

0-L 0251 EN-US.png Flow cytometry (FC)

Flow Cytometry

0-L 0252 EN-US.png Radial immunodiffusion (RID)

Radial Immunodiffusion

0-L 0253 EN-US.png Fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA)

Immunoassay, Fluorescence Polarization

0-L 0254 EN-US.png Immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE)

Electrophoresis, Immunofixation

0-L 0255 EN-US.png Equilibrium dialysis

Dialysis, Direct Equilibrium

0-L 0256 EN-US.png Kleihauer-Betke acid elution

Acid Elution, Kleihauer-Betke Method

0-L 0257 EN-US.png Anti-complement immunofluorescence (ACIF)

Immunofluorescence, Anti-Complement

0-L 0258 EN-US.png GC/MS

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy

0-L 0259 EN-US.png Nephelometry

Light Scatter, Nephelometry

0-L 0260 EN-US.png IgE immunoassay antibody

Immunoassay, IgE Antibody Test

0-L 0261 EN-US.png Lymphocyte Microcytotoxicity Assay

Lymphocyte Microcytotoxicity Assay

0-L 0262 EN-US.png Spectrophotometry


0-L 0263 EN-US.png Atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS)

Spectrophotometry, Atomic Absorption

0-L 0264 EN-US.png Ion selective electrode (ISE)

Electrochemical, Ion Selective Electrode

0-L 0265 EN-US.png Gas chromatography (GC)

Chromatography, Gas

0-L 0266 EN-US.png Isoelectric focusing (IEF)

Isoelectric Focusing

0-L 0267 EN-US.png Immunochemiluminescence

Immunoassay, Chemiluminescent

0-L 0268 EN-US.png Microparticle enzyme immunoassay (MEIA)

Immunoassay, Microparticle Enzyme

0-L 0269 EN-US.png ICP/MS

Inductively-Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry

0-L 0270 EN-US.png Immunoradiometric assay (IRMA)

Immunoassay, Immunoradiometric Assay

0-L 0271 EN-US.png Photo optical clot detection

Coagulation, Photo Optical Clot Detection

0-A _DecisionObservationMethod EN-US.png DecisionObservationMethod

Provides codes for decision methods, initially for assessing the causality of events.

1-S ALGM EN-US.png algorithm

Reaching a decision through the application of an algorithm designed to weigh the different factors involved.

2-L BYCL EN-US.png bayesian calculation

Reaching a decision through the use of Bayesian statistical analysis.

1-L GINT EN-US.png global introspection

Reaching a decision by consideration of the totality of factors involved in order to reach a judgement.

0-S 0280 EN-US.png Susceptibility Testing

Test methods designed to determine a microorganismaTMs susceptibility to being killed by an antibiotic.

1-L 0240 EN-US.png Antibiotic sensitivity, disk

Susceptibility, Antibiotic sensitivity, disk

1-L 0241 EN-US.png BACTEC susceptibility test

Susceptibility, BACTEC susceptibility test

1-L 0242 EN-US.png Disk dilution

Susceptibility, Disk dilution

1-S 0272 EN-US.png Minimum Inhibitory Concentration

Testing to measure the minimum concentration of the antibacterial agent in a given culture medium below which bacterial growth is not inhibited.

2-L 0245 EN-US.png Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, macrodilution

Susceptibility, Minimum Inhibitory concentration, macrodilution

2-L 0246 EN-US.png Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, microdilution

Susceptibility, Minimum Inhibitory concentration, microdilution

1-L 0273 EN-US.png Viral Genotype Susceptibility

1-L 0274 EN-US.png Viral Phenotype Susceptibility

1-L 0275 EN-US.png Gradient Strip

1-L 0275a EN-US.png Minimum Lethal Concentration (MLC)

1-L 0276 EN-US.png Slow Mycobacteria Susceptibility

Testing to measure the minimum concentration of the antibacterial agent in a given culture medium below which bacterial growth is not inhibited.

1-L 0277 EN-US.png Serum bactericidal titer

1-L 0278 EN-US.png Agar screen

1-L 0279 EN-US.png Disk induction

0-A _VerificationMethod EN-US.png VerificationMethod

1-L VDOC EN-US.png document verification

Verification by means of document. Example: Fax, letter, attachment to e-mail.

1-L VREG EN-US.png registry verification

verification by means of a response to an electronic query Example: query message to a Covered Party registry application or Coverage Administrator.

1-L VTOKEN EN-US.png electronic token verification

Verification by means of electronic token. Example: smartcard, magnetic swipe card, RFID device.

1-L VVOICE EN-US.png voice-based verification

Verification by means of voice. Example: By speaking with or calling the Coverage Administrator or Covered Party

0-A _GeneticObservationMethod EN-US.png GeneticObservationMethod

A code that provides additional detail about the means or technique used to ascertain the genetic analysis. Example, PCR, Micro Array


Description: Polymerase Chain Reaction

0-A _ObservationMethodAggregate EN-US.png observation method aggregate

Provides additional detail about the aggregation methods used to compute the aggregated values for an observation. This is an abstract code.

1-L AVERAGE EN-US.png average

Average of non-null values in the referenced set of values

1-L COUNT EN-US.png count

Count of non-null values in the referenced set of values

1-L MAX EN-US.png maxima

Largest of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.

1-L MEDIAN EN-US.png median

The median of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.

1-L MIN EN-US.png minima

Smallest of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.

1-L MODE EN-US.png mode

The most common value of all non-null values in the referenced set of values.

1-L STDEV.P EN-US.png population standard deviation

Standard Deviation of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over the population.

1-L STDEV.S EN-US.png sample standard deviation

Standard Deviation of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over a sample of the population.

1-L SUM EN-US.png sum

Sum of non-null values in the referenced set of values

1-L VARIANCE.P EN-US.png population variance

Variance of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over the population.

1-L VARIANCE.S EN-US.png sample variance

Variance of the values in the referenced set of values, computed over a sample of the population.

Verwendung in Value Sets

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